About the Jal Record

Our History
Many weekly newspapers were launched in pioneer times in Jal and other small boom towns.  The Jal Record and it's predecessor, the Jal Flare; for over 75 years, have been one of the voices of Jal and it's people.
Purchased in 2007 by Cheryl Chance, the Jal Record has expanded to include 12 pages of local news, highlights and pictures of the ever growing people of Jal.

The Jal Record is a LLC corporation held under the parent company Desperado Inc.
The Jal Record employees 4 including the publisher and editor.  It has a circulation of 1500 weekly and prints weekly on Thursday. I also includes a digital, color edition as well as a web site designed to encourage spiritual, community and civic growth to all people.

Since the first edition of the The Jal Flame rolled off the press more than 75 years ago, our mission has remained the same: to be Jal and the surrounding areas primary source for local news and advertising information.

The Jal Record is the hometown born and bred, news-gathering organization; the reporter of it's citizens accomplishments in the past, today and by the grace of God, it’s future, focused solely on keeping readers informed about the events and people in their communities.
Our company core values guide us in providing readers and advertisers the best products and services possible

The Jal Record's Core Values

We are committed to serving the increasingly diverse Jal community by providing timely, credible and relevant information, products and services. We do this by setting and meeting high standards and being accurate, fair, consistent and ethical in our news coverage, advertising, our management and our relationship with customers. We also have the courage to affect positive change in the community through innovation and by taking sensible risks.¬† The Jal Record makes no excuse and proudly proclaims it’s faith and reliance on God and only stand by His grace and mercy.

Jal Records Diversity Statement
No one is different from every point of view. Knowing that we are more alike than different, the Jal Record strives to enlighten our workforce by focusing on our similarities while celebrating our differences. We believe respect for others and our commitment to diversity represent vital strengths of our company.

Mission Statement of the Jal Record
To produce an economically sound newspaper that adds to the identity and pride of the communities it serves, record the history of the town and its people, and make a difference in the quality of life for the residents and merchants. The Jal Record is dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential to a strong community.
By promoting readership of the community’s current events and issues, thereby fostering better citizenship. By promoting readership of local advertising, thereby fostering a healthy economic environment.
By providing a news publication that adheres to high ethical and professional standards and focuses primarily on those events occurring within the circulation area of the newspaper. News will be objective, well written, well edited, sensitive, enlightening, challenging and useful. The newspaper will also act as a community forum for opinion, and will give high priority to celebrating the achievements of its readers.
By providing total market coverage of the newspaper to enable the local businesses to reach the buying public, and by making the newspaper available at highly accessible newsstands throughout the circulation area.
By providing advertisers with a high-readership product, good service, creative advertising layouts, quality printing, and advertising opportunities that generate high return on the investment.
By providing web sites that provide news archives and community resources.
By creating a challenging workplace for employees who are interested in growing in experience and professional skills. That workplace will foster good co-worker relations, will recognize outstanding contributions by employees and will encourage all to participate in creating news products that are a source of pride to the community and the company.
By encouraging community service among employees, recognizing that the more they are involved with the community, the better they will be able to understand and serve it.
Our Publisher, Cheryl Chance, and I would like to thank you for your support and for all that you do to make Jal a great place to live and making the Jal Record a part of your lives.

John Chris Chance
Editor  & Chief