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Jal Area Attractions

Jal Lake ParkJal Lake Park Area

Among Jal's special attractions is Jal Lake State Park, which is the centerpiece of a 10 acre recreational oasis in the middle of the desert.  The man made lake, when viewed from the air, actually spells out the name of the city (Jal) and resembles the cattle brand which inspired the city's name.

Jal Lake Aerial View Jal Lake has become an important landmark for pilots as they fly overhead, and is periodically stocked with fish which provides year-round fishing to the residents.  The recreation area also has basketball courts, playground equipment, and a walking path that circles the lake.  There are also picnic pavilions, barbeque pits, and RV spaces with full hookups available.

Jal lake is also the home of annual events such as Jalarama, Cowboy Days, and Fourth of July Festival and Fireworks show.


The Trail AheadThe Trail Ahead

The Jal Cowboy Sculpture Project, entitled "The Trail Ahead...", was conceived by Jal artist, Brian Norwood, as a means of honoring the ranching heritage of this southeastern New Mexico Community.

For more information on "The Trail Ahead...", contact Brian Norwood at PO Box 106, Jal, NM  88252


Jal Country ClubJal Country Club

Jal Country Club features a 9-hole golf course with driving range and swimming pool. Home to several golf tournaments throughout the year, your sure to find the reason you need to come to Jal and play a round. Afterwards, have a cocktail with your friends in the lounge.




Jal Panthers SportsJal Panthers

Throughout the school year, residents and visitors alike attend the various athletic events from our local high school. The Jal Public Schools athletic program is steeped in pride and tradition, and Jal is recognized as having one of the finest small schools in the state of New Mexico. We have always excelled academically and on the athletic field.

Visit the Jal Public Schools Athletics web site for complete schedules.


Jal Schools

Lea County Attractions


Eunice Water ParkEunice Water Park, Eunice, NM

Just 20 minutes from Jal is the town of Eunice, NM. A popular Eunice attraction, even for Jal residents, is the Eunice Water Park. The park features two water slides, a kid pool, fountains and water guns. Water depths range from ankle deep to 5 ft.




Eunice Golf CourseEunice Golf Course

Eunice invites you to come out and play a round of golf in southeast New Mexico, just 5 miles west of Eunice, New Mexico. We are a nine hole municipal golf course with a driving range and a practice green available. Yearly memberships available, as well as single, couples, and family options. Tournament season is March-October. Hours of operation vary in summer and winter months. We are closed on Mondays.


CasinoZia Park Race Track and Black Gold Casino

3901 West Millen Drive, Hobbs, New Mexico

The racetrack is open for business with races after Labor Day. The adjacent casino is open year-round, however, offering hundreds of slot machines in a clean and friendly environment. The track’s two restaurants and bar area are also open. Good luck!



Ocotillo Golf Course and Harry McAdams ParkOcotillo Golf Course

Near 7000 block of Lovington Highway

At the end of World War II, Hobbs found itself with an empty air force base on the outskirts of town and the question, “What on God’s green Earth are we to do with this?” Well, green earth is now all you’ll find at what became Ocotillo Golf Course, an oasis in the desert offering 18 holes all year round.

The verdant Harry McAdams Park sits adjacent to the links, a perfect spot for a day out where families can relax in the shade of weeping willows and feed the ducks. Events are often schedules for summer evenings.


Del Norte Park

4143 N. Grimes, Hobbs, NMDel Norte Water Park

We’ll admit that Del Norte is a kid’s place first and foremost — at least when it comes to the brand new fun pool. That’s not to say that’s the only attraction in Hobbs’ most recent city park, but it is the perfect place to cool off when Hobbs’ hot summer hits in July.


Soaring Society of AmericaGlider

Near 7000 block of Lovington Highway

Hobbs’ perfect climate and endless summer make it the ideal home for soaring and gliding enthusiasts. Over the decades it’s carved a place for itself for the elite competitors, hosting international competitions and brining talent from all the corners of planet Earth. Local ties are strong, however, and soaring opportunities exist much of the year round.


Day's Drive Attractions


CavernsCarlsbad Caverns

Long acknowledged as one of the world’s largest caverns, Carlsbad is also one of its most accessible, boasting delighting lighting and an even a subterranean restaurant 700 feet below ground. Routes range from straightforward walks around well-lit areas to exciting, ranger-led expeditions into the lesser-trodden depths.



Roswell, NMAliens

We all know the facts — a mysterious craft crashing in the pasturelands northwest of Roswell and what looked like an untidy government coverup in the days after. Those with even a passing interest in the conspiracy theories — or just looking for a good day out in alien city — could do worse than to converge on Earth’s first interstellar starport.